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Wondering what to do when in Geiranger? We have a few suggestions for you. Do not hesitate to contact us if there is any questions, or if you need help booking activities.

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Sport Car Rental

New in 2022!

Western Norway is known for having some of the most spectacular roads in the world and Geiranger is no exception! Get the chance to drive the car of your deams and experience the magnificent nature and viewpoints in the area.

Check out cars available and book directly here:



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"Bonseye" offer tours on the fjord in their RIBs (rigid inflatable boats). These tours offer a bit of action combined with the beautiful scenery. Visit historical mountain farms and learn about the people who dared to live there from one of their local, experienced guides. Get up-close and personal with the fjord's famous waterfalls and taste the crisp, refreshing mountain water the locals have been drinking for thousands of years. Weatherproof suits will be provided to keep you safe and dry on their eco-friendly boats.


Book your trip with Bonseye at the hotel reception or press "Book Here".



Kayak Tours

Geirangerfjord is a great, safe place to paddle. Get up personal with the waterfalls!

It is also advisable to combine the trip with a visit to one of the many fjord farms such as Skageflå, Knivsflå and Blomberg.

"Geiranger Fjordservice" arranges both guided and self-hire kayak tours, and is located just 2km from the hotel reception.


Self Hire Motorboats

"Geirangerfjorden Feriesenter" is located just outside the hotel reception and offers motor boats for hire. The boats are easy to drive and you do not need any driving license. Instructions will be given. Fishing equipment can also be hired.


Electric Car Rental

eMobility has several Renault Twizys for rental. Visit the viewpoints, or just explore the area! NB. You need a valid international drivers license to drive these cars. Each car has two seats.


Waterfall Walk

Take the beautiful waterfall walk from the center of Geiranger up the the Fjordcenter and Hotel Union. The walk takes around 10-15 minutes and takes you as close to the waterfall as you dare.

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Guided Sightseeing Tours

"Geiranger Fjordservice" offers several audio-guided tours during the day. There are two different ones:

The 60-minute cruise; shows the most popular waterfalls, such as "The Seven Sisters", "Friaren" and the "Bridal Veil", as well as "Skageflå" and "Knivsflå" mountain farm.

The 90-minute cruise; shows the same as the 60-minute, but in addition this cruise goes the whole 16km and showcases Matvik, Syltevik and offers drop-off to the Skageflå mountain farm hike.


Norwegian Fjordcenter

Ever wondered why the mountains are so high and the fjord so deep? Or how people survived trough the winter on a steep mountain farm? Or maybe you are curious to know why Geiranger was chosen to be a UNESCO site? All the answers lies within the walls of Geiranger Fjordcenter. The Fjordcenter is located at the top of the waterfall walk, making it a perfect end of a beautiful walk.


Viewpoints & Tours

Visit Ørnesvingen, Flydalsjuvet and Dalsnibba! Either you want to take your own car, rent one or take a seat on a guided tour, we got you covered. 

Mt. Dalsnibba’s new viewing platform was officially opened in August 2016. Thanks to its ingenious floor surface and glass guard Geiranger Skywalk gives you a sensation of floating! With a clear drop of approx. 500 m, you can enjoy magnificent views of Geiranger and Blåbreen glacier.


Geiranger is famous for its steep mountains and deep fjords. Hiking in these fierce mountains is magnificent, but we recommend bringing proper shoes and always follow the marked trails. The hotel offers shuttle to the starting point of many hikes, including Skageflå, Vesterås, Laushornet and many more. Here is some of our recommendations.

(Vesterås Mountain)

A perfect walk for the hikers on a schedule. The walk it self starts from Vesterås farm and takes around 15-20 minutes to a viewpoint that is perfect for picnics or just to sit and take it all in. There are also goats and other animals along the way, so this one is perfect for the kids. The trail itself is an easy, minor climb, just following the mountain side


The trip up to the popular Storsæterfossen, where the trail actually goes behind the waterfall, is one of the most hiked trails in Geiranger. It is perfect for families with younger children, as the trail it self mostly consists of rocks formed as stairs, gravel and no dangerous drops. It is not too steep, but then again, no mountains in Geiranger are flat. Duration: 2-3 hours round-trip.


This one are for the experienced hikers. Starting at Vesterås farm, you climb first to Grindalen and then further up to Vinsåshornet. The first hour of this walk is not very challenging, but the climb from the valley to the top of the mountain is steep and challenging. The trail is well marked and the view is astonishing when you are 1500 meters above sea level. Duration: 6-7 hours round-trip.


Take a water taxi from the hotel or jump on the sightseeing boat from the tourist office and climb the stairs up the world famous Skageflå mountain farm. This hike is steep, but not dangerous. You can go back the same way and be picked up by one of the boats, or hike over the mountain and end up back in Geiranger center. Our shuttle can pick you up here and take you back to the hotel. Duration: 2-5 hours, depending on which route you take.


Also starting from Vesterås farm, this one is a little more challenging than Vesteråsfjellet. A minor climb takes you up to a viewpoint in the mountain side, showing you the fjord, Grande and the Eagle Road. Duration: 1,5-2 hours round-trip.


If you wish to climb a mountain top but also see waterfalls, you can continue further up from Storsæterfossen to Laushornet. This trail is quite steep and not recommended for young children, but the view from the top is magnificent. Duration: 5-6 hours round-trip

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