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Step 1/2 in our building project will be finished in October 2023, offering conference facilities, meeting room, event center, cocktailbar, suites and our very own distillery - "Geiranger Brenneri".

This building is built where our old barn once was, just below the existing hotel. There will therefore be some construction work around the hotel duing the summer season. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. 

The 2nd stage of the building project will be started in 2025 and will provide more suites, conference rooms and a spa.

The Story of Grande Fjord Hotel

Grande Fjord Hotel is a 4-star boutique hotel situated only 100 meters from the World Heritage Geiranger Fjord. Because the hotel is located 2km away from the center of Geiranger, you can feel peace and quiet and distance yourself from the crowds and use our private shuttle or electric cars when going back and forth.

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Facilities & Services

Our main goal is to make your stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. 

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Restaurant Hyskje

Food and drinks made from fresh, local and sustainable products

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Complimentary Hotel Shuttle Service

Available every day from 07:30 - 23:00

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Jacuzzi and Fitness

Open every day from 07:00 - 23:00

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Sport Car Rental

Experience Geiranger with a bit of adrenaline!

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I am coming by car from Oslo. What is the fastest way to the hotel?

The fastest way to get to Geiranger from Oslo is to go by the E6 to Hamar, Lillehammer and Otta. After 17. - 25. May: From Otta, follow Rv15 to Vågå, Lom and Langevatn. Turn right by Langevatn on the Rv63 to Geiranger. Before 17. - 25. May: The mountain road from Langevatn to Geiranger is most likely still closed, even if your GPS tells you it is open. Therefore: Keep on driving on the E6 to Dombås. then turn left on the E136 and go to Åndalsnes and Sjøholt. By Sjøholt, turn left on the Rv63 and go to Linge. Take the ferry to Eidsdal (duration: about 10 minutes). When you get off the ferry, take road 63 towards Geiranger.

Edit 2022: The car ferry between Hellesylt and Geiranger is now running all year!


I am arriving by train to Åndalsnes. How do I get to Geiranger?

There are busses going from Åndalsnes multiple times every day during the high season. 

Check time tables here:


I am arriving to Ålesund by plane. How can I get to Geiranger?

The easiest way to travel to Geiranger is by car and you find several rental companies in Ålesund. There are however busses and boats going to Geiranger from Ålesund every day during the summer.

More information:


I am arriving Geiranger by boat. How do I get to the hotel?

The hotel offers free transport back and forth from the port all day. Simply contact us by phone the same day when you would like to be picked up and we will send a car to pick you up!


I am coming by car from Bergen. What is the fastest way to get to the hotel?

The fastest way to get to Geiranger from Bergen is to go by the E39 to Byrkjelo, then take road 15 to Stryn. Follow road 15 untill it hits the E39 again, and the road 60 to Hellesylt. There is a beautiful ferry trip that takes about 1 hour from Hellesylt to Geiranger. When you get to geiranger, make a left from the ferry port, and follow the road 2km, and you will see the hotel on the left side of the road. NB! The last ferry from Hellesylt leaves at 18:30 (6:30PM). If you are not able to reach this ferry, you must continue on road 15 from Stryn, untill it meets road 63, which will take you down the mountain to Geiranger.


I am coming by car from Ålesund. What is the fastest way to get to the hotel?

The fastest way from Ålesund to Geiranger is to go by road E39 all the way to Linge. There you will take a short ferry across the fjord to Eidsdal. This ferry runs continous during the day, all year. When you get off the ferry, take road 63 towards Geiranger. The hotel will be located at the bottom of the «Eagle road», on the right hand side of the road, 2km before you get to the centre of Geiranger. If you reach the ferry port, you have missed us. NB! The last ferry leaves around 23:00. Contact the hotel for accurate time tables, as these can vary from year to year.


For booking enquiries:

For other enquiries:

For urgent enquiries during the summer:

(This e-mail is only monitored during the summer season)

(+47) 70 26 94 90

Please note that as the hotel is only open during the summer, our off-season office times vary. This may cause difficulties getting in touch with us via telephone during these months. We do our best to answer all your e-mails as quickly as possible.

Thank you for getting in touch!

Org# 966 052 082

Ørnevegen 200

6216 Geiranger


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